Friday, October 29, 2004

Last Minute Talkback Extravaganza. Now With 20% More 'Ganza

Couldn’t even take out a seagull? What good is that big ole monster bitch mobile of yours anyway? No seagull gonna get away from the wrath of the mighty Hyundai. I’m pretty sure that Hyundai means “bird smashing death machine” in some other language. But you right about running over pirates and all that blather.

Personally, I can’t watch or listen to Rome these days. He’s been kind of a kiss ass namby pamby wuss since he got his TV show. Can’t rail on anybody too hard if you want them to do the show. Or maybe he’s just scared that there might be a Chrissy Everett repeat. I think Mike Vick is still an awesome, although completely misused, player, but I’ll take our boy every time.

1) As I said before, in the post I did before I realized my coconspirator had submitted already, Chatman should come in strong for a big chunk of this game. But the Brees/McCardell connection is where this game is really at.

2) God, how I hate this timeout thing. As far as I’m concerned this shouldn’t even be a factor this week. I want to see this Oakland team thoroughly demoralized by halftime. I want to see Vodka crying and trying to tag out to Tuisa-whatever.

3) Drayton Florence. This guy seems to be in the right place at the right time quite a bit. Let’s see if he can get numero tres this week. Gotta love threes. Hat tricks, trifectas…all good things. I’d say his chances are pretty good.

4) Antonio Gates. What can I say? This guy needs a nickname stat. How about the painfully obvious “First Down!”

5) All Nate Kaeding needs to do is kick extra points this week. What’s a field goal?

6) Once a bird crapped on my head when I was talking to a girl at a barbecue. That didn’t feel very lucky. Another time a moth flew in my mouth when I was talking to a girl. I inhaled it and tried to act like nothing happened. “Did you just eat a moth?” “Umm, no?” Nature hates me, so I don’t cut up my six pack rings and I always pick plastic.

I. Am. Out.

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