Friday, October 08, 2004

Weekend Stylings...

Final thoughts for me, good, I love the last word...

1 & 2) Full stadium? Close, but still no t.v. for you. I know that it would kill them to pick up the slack for us for a mere few thousand tickets. This is an opportunity to really build momentum for the team and the city. If this group can get it together, eliminate mistakes and beat a suspect Jacksonville offense, at 3 and 2, the Bolts would seriously be exceeding expectations and might sell out a game. The Spanos' should use this as their one and only opportunity to promote this team, if it backfires so be it. And while were at it, is the plural for Spanos in the same category of the plural for Guiness? What, Guinnesses, Guinni, Guiness? Does anyone else think about these things or is it just me? Spanos', Spanoses, Spano':jx$, how my head hasn't exploded into confetti yet baffles me.

3) Hoss works. Not so sure about the whole "OOH" nickname. I am open to suggestions here. For now I will use, "Hey, that's Hoss, THE BEST RUNNING BACK IN THE LEAGUE!"

4) MMMMM.... Pom Poms, oh, and those shiny little shaky things they hold on to also.

5) Say what you want to about the Babe, but don't cut on the little Andre that could. That guy was an integral part of the only super bowl team ever. Concentrate your efforts on Jermaine Fazande. Jerome? No, it's Jermaine, Jermaine Jackson! What the hell are you talking about? Thanks
  • Mr. Regan
  • . Funny every time.

    6) The Titans are in utter disaray. One win, and a loss to the Bolts. Chris Brown is good, how good, I don't know yet. But Eddie had that chemistry/leader role down. Losing that can be a big deal sometimes. I smell another most overrated for the season bet... by the way how is that Seatlle bet from last year treatin' ya?! Heh.

    7) I don't know what you are talking about, I don't drink. I thought we were having bible study, Hawaiian Punch and cookies, while we prayed to the Lord God above for a safe game first, and then victory. Hallelujah!

    8) Push. O.K. we push. The Raiders are like the Michael Jackson of football. They love to play rough with you, but they will never beat you.

    Forty Eight-ish hours until total Bolt domination. Can we actually win this game or have my hopes once again been hanging out with Ricky Williams and Wanda Sykes?

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