Monday, October 18, 2004

Upon Furter Review

From last weeks posts…

“2) Prop Bet #2: Atlanta turnovers versus Charger timeouts that Mr. (For Now) Skipper Drew "I am in a contract year with a team that doesn't trust me farther than I can throw a football" Brees burns like an east county neighborhood.”

“1)To a degree I understand what you say, and then I just want to crap all over it and say, “Remember Washington v. Cleveland earlier this year.” Do you happen to remember the Redskinny tirade we witnessed by the Capital City’s bleeding heart fan here in San Diego? The reason the ‘Skinnys were there in that spot was because Team Nascar mismanaged their timeouts like a Priest mismanages altar boys. Timeout burning can be just as devastating as turnovers. Scoring on this one is up to you…”

Just wanted to point out the fact that this makes my heart burn… just roast like a frogs fat-ass on a hot rock in Texas.

Not the only problem during this game mind you, but zero timeouts with six minutes on the clock is unacceptable. Great first half, horrid second half, and some very, very suspect, almost Yankee like officiating….more later

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