Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Version 2.0

As it seems I have survived the Atlanta timeout fiasco at least until halfway through the first quarter this weekend when the first of three clock stoppers goes up in flames like a post game celebration in Detroit. The over under on this one is still to be set, but I have a feeling it will be sometime in the second half of the first quarter, maybe say the five minute mark to open the line. That will move by game time I promise.

Focal points today are marked by the two new additions to the suddenly depleted receiving corps. Reche is gonzo for the yearzo. I haven’t seen a knee turn around like that since what’s his Raider did his in some time ago. Napoleon somebody, whatever, doesn’t really matter. I am for one going to miss Reche, he was one of my favorites to watch. Now what matters is that there is a new crew in town quite literally. What this will do to the offense is particularly interesting because in the long run it should strengthen the attack. Yes, I said attack. What of it? We are pretty strong when the coaches want us to be so stick that in your pipe Ricky and take a good long pull off of it. The Bolts mean business (when the coaching staff lets them). Now, there may be some timing issues at play here in week one of Bolts Receivers Version 2.0. I expect that “Hoss”, or as the most incompetent announcer who redeemed himself with one sentence, Brent Jones said on Sunday, “the best running back in the league” will have to have a monster game this week. (By the way, Mr. Jones had to take time off from servicing one Michael Vick; he sounded like he had a mouth full of marbles all day when he talked about him. But he did utter that one redeeming comment) Once again the Antonio will need to play a major part in this victory as Version 2.0 and the Skipper get accustomed to one another. When in doubt Antonio, tell Skipper to throw it to you near the orange sticky uppy thing, or the yellow sticky uppy thingys. Communication is the key.

The defense should get a brief reprieve due to the completely decimated Carolina Kitty Kats roster. No running backs, one receiver and many injuries are plaguing this team. This is the Bolts game for the taking. Yep, you heard it here. Bold predictions and Quick Hits coming Friday a.m. from a guest spot in Phoenix. I am off to chase our rainfall out there and to catch an A.S.U vs. U.C.L.A battle from the desert. Let it be known that I will proudly be displaying my S.D.S.U. t-shirt at said game. Go Aztecs.

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