Friday, October 15, 2004

And So it Goes...

My time to spew nonsense:

1) It is going to be very difficult for Tomlinson to gain yards this week. I think that the Falcons are going to redefine the make the quarterback beat us philosophy. I expect to see the Denver style at the line with 8 or 9 in the box, and a key on the tight end. That tight end will be the key to spreading things out enough for “Hoss” to get his yards. The Skipper (for now) must have a big, accurate day this Sunday. Point to you.

2) To a degree I understand what you say, and then I just want to crap all over it and say, “Remember Washington v. Cleveland earlier this year.” Do you happen to remember the Redskinny tirade we witnessed by the Capital City’s bleeding heart fan here in San Diego? The reason the ‘Skinnys were there in that spot was because Team Nascar mismanaged their timeouts like a Priest mismanages altar boys. Timeout burning can be just as devastating as turnovers. Scoring on this one is up to you…

3) Yes. But I still hate commercials. I hate them so. They make me want to smear my feet in honey and stand in a fire ant hill.

4) So it’s neither Igor, pronounced “EEEEEGGGGORRRRR”, nor Donnie, we rely on a “Mora” to stop the caged bird. Nice call, I forgot about the “Mora” factor, and yes there is a “Mora” factor at play here. Point to you and the Bolts. Gotta love the whole “Mora” family.

5) I think “push” here. I think we are going to see some less than impressive numbers from both of these “quarter(ing)backs on Sunday. The tight ends are going to be spending much time in the ice baths and trainer’s rooms by Monday. They are going to be abused like a Thai call girl.

6) Good Bet if the Bolts are winning. Bad bed if the bad guys are winning.

Nice game today, you did well. Go Bolts. Go Shoulders. Go “Hoss”. Go Booger eating.

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