Thursday, October 07, 2004

Quick Hits

O.K. some quick hits here for all to see and ponder. I can hear those brain cells festering now like a ping pong ball in a tin bowl:

1) Eighteen Thousand tickets need to be sold by 1:15 p.m. today in order for the mass viewing audience to, well, view the game on their respective idiot boxes. Read that again while I go douse my head in gasoline and look for a match.

2) In order to sell said tickets, why wouldn't management, who is so obviously committed to winning, buy up the remaining tickets so the mass viewing audience can watch our "New L.T" (not a coke head) run wild, possibly generating future ticket sales. Just a thought, try it once or twice, wouldn't bankrupt the organization. I hear this happens in other awful footballing cities, someplace comes to mind, what's that guy's name... Starts with Daniel, ends with something that rhymes with a "One Day at a Time" sitcom character's name...?

3) LaDanian needs a new nickname. Now. I got it, we can call him, "The Best Running Back in Football".

4) Who is going to show up this week, The almighty Skipper, or the ever popular "We are really rooting for you to do well" Gilligan. Can David Wells play quarterback?

5) How can we have forgotten about the respective performances of Jim Everett and Mikhelalael (sp?) Ricks?

6) Do the Titans miss Jevon Kearse and Eddie George at all?

7) Prop Bet: Will be the number of cool ones consumed at the Murph this Sunday eclipse the number of Charger turnovers? If yes, I predict a Bolt victory. Keep an eye on the INT. numbers this week.

8) Scoreboard Watching, Indianapolis against the "Just Win Babies". That will be good for a laugh with "Tom" Collins at the helm. There will be no reverse jinx here, Indy should whip them good.

Whether this a good thing or just plain self-torturing stupidity, I and my co-imitation author will be sitting ringside for this one. I can't wait to utilize the Murph's cupholders.

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Universal Remonster said...

Just wanted you guys to know that there is nothing to worry about anymore. I just noticed the latest poll on the San Diego Chargers website that states the Chargers have the best defensive line in the NFL. There must have been some changes that we missed. Everything's going to be ok.