Friday, July 30, 2010

Get Ready for High Scoring Affairs!

From Acee's column today:

"Safety dance
There was a thought by some in the organization after his first season that Steve Gregory was not long for the NFL. But his work ethic, smarts and discipline have kept him around.
The guy was essentially a starter (at nickel back) the final 11 games of last season, during which time the defense improved and the Chargers went 11-0.
Gregory will likely start camp as the No. 1 strong safety, but he faces serious competition from Darrell Stuckey, who is faster, a little bigger and whom the Chargers invested in with a fourth-round pick in April.
Gregory will play a big role in a defense that often features extra defensive backs, but the next five weeks will say a lot about the look of a secondary that has been in seemingly constant flux for going on six years."

At Nickel back. Which is on the field for what, 20-25% of downs? And how does this qualify him to play safety? Acee's trying to make it sound like this guy was practically already the starting safety. Also, if he was essentially the starting nickel back (which he wasn't, really), then that means Cason, who wasn't good enough for that position, will be taking over a regular safety position. Our secondary is going to be terrible this year.

Update: My cohort, CJ, pointed out to me that there was more article after Acee made me throw my hands up and call it quits, so I linked the whole thing at the top. I suggest you check it out. Not only does it try to sell you on Antoine Cason, it shows that Acee has breezed through to the acceptance phase in regards to holdout, Vincent Jackson. This is why A.J. gets away with this crap. No one-not the ownership of the team, and certainly not the press-holds him accountable or even bothers to question his methods. I implore you to try to remember how far this team had fallen before these clowns decided to run Beathard out of town.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kudos to the Front Office!

I feel I would be wallowing in haterade if I didn't at least acknowledge the 5 year deal that the Chargers just gave Antonio (First Down!) Gates. This is made all the more incredible by the fact that Gates pretty much walked into the Chargers facilities as an undrafted free agent so many years ago, meaning you really couldn't call him one of "A.J.'s guys." Way to go Chargers! There's hope yet. Go Bolts!!!

Now seriously, let's get Vinny Jack and McNeill into camp.