Thursday, October 14, 2004

Now for some bitching.

All right you farging media ice holes, what gives? I've been combing the sports pages, web sites, etc. lately, and I'm more than a little off, as it were. A fun little thing that a lot of these paid sports jag-offs like to do, is rank teams every week. I actually tend to enjoy reading these rankings, as they are often accompanied by clever little quips about each team and their recent performance or some such nonsense. I also realize that these are merely opinions, expressed by people who are just as, if not more, prone to mistake as myself. But, seriously, nearly every single one I've read has ALL THREE teams the Chargers have defeated, ranked higher than said Chargers. Come on!

So how does one luck into one of these paying sports writing gigs? I can't imagine these people are dripping with scholastic experience. And it's not as if they're making the most spectacular observations the sporting world has ever witnessed. I mean, I could go on about how the vaGiants and the Penningtons are of to a surprising 8-1 start collectively. Or how the Patsies employ an all for one and one for all style of football that no one seems to be able to decipher and prepare for. Where do I send my stinking resume?

Back to those rankings now. I realize this team could be back in the doghouse in two weeks, but give us our moment in the sun. Show some love for the "little team that could for a while". You can still write about how Mike Martz is bad at managing the clock, Dick Vermeil cries a lot and Terrell Owens is a loudmouth jerk who's happy to be away from Jeff Garcia, but check your facts. San Diego did not slip into the Pacific circa 1996. We're still here, and like the Tooth Fairy, we got feelings too, damn it!

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