Tuesday, October 05, 2004

So which is it?

Are we one of the better, awful teams in an abysmal division? Are we a group of surly young up and comers, poised to uproot the hopes and dreams of our competitors on any given Sunday? Your guess is as good as mine. On one side of the ball, I'm seeing the usual dominance of LaDainian, the continued rise of Antonio Gates and the possible arrival of Reche Caldwell (took you long enough). On the other side...I have no frickin' idea. Um...Donnie Edwards is good, isn't he?

But the real question on everyone's mind: Will Dr. Brees or Drew Hyde show up for the game? It seems that our (less and less) young quarterback tends to rely on job security to motivate him on Sunday. So I wonder, can we line up split backs, with Rivers next to Tomlinson behind Brees? I imagine that would lend the requisite amount of gravity to each and every play?

Aw hell, what does it matter anyway? We're on our way to what Charger management and coaching predicted already. A whopping 8 wins! And as all of our glorious San Diego professional sports franchises are fond of reminding us, it's meeting expectations that's important, not exceeding them.

I'm not bitter. I still love em'. Best. Team. Ever. Bring on the filthy Jags!

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