Thursday, October 14, 2004

Quick Hits for the A.M. Blitz

It's that time again, time for the Quick Hits:

1) Prop Bet: More Rushing Yards:The one and only "Saddle 'im up, Ride 'im to Victry" LaDanian Tomlinson or "the ever dancin', always prancin', wouldn't trade our hoss for you now or then" Mike Vick.

2) Prop Bet #2: Atlanta turnovers versus Charger timeouts that Mr. (For Now) Skipper Drew "I am in a contract year with a team that doesn't trust me farther than I can throw a football" Brees burns like an east county neighborhood.

3) No ticket dilemmas this week. None ticket dilemmas. You may now return to your regularly scheduled breakfast and t.v. sittin' area for some good ol' Charger football wedged between 943,687 CBS commercials. I can't wait for this routine once again, commercial, kickoff, commercial. Nice pattern from Ratherland, wait for it and watch. It'll drive you nuts too.

4) Somebody is going to have to contain their "Quartering Back". Is it Igor or is it one member of the linebacking corps? Oh, and he is the "Quartering Back" because I am not quite sure on which side he falls more, Quarterback or Running Back. And so on that note...

5) Prop Bet#3: More (Less) Accurate Quarter(ing)back of the day. Skipper(for now) or the aforementioned pick we traded away that I wouldn't want back if it came wrapped in a piece of paper that would guarantee a Lombardi trophy. No sir. That pick has a case of disease that we didn't need. You're my Boy Hoss.

6) Last One for now: 4.0 is the Over/Under on the hours my arm(s) stay pointed skyward in tribute to the "BEST. TEAM. EVVVVERRRRR!"

I await your most respected response...

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