Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The One Where I'm a Naysayer

I've spent all week hoping my attitude about Sunday's game would evolve into one where I'm convinced a loss of that magnitude will awaken the sleeping giant within this team. Miami was our Pearl Harbor, right? Time to get invested. We still have a winning record. This thing isn't over. Right?!

The truth is, I don't know. This game kind of broke me. This team is broken. They looked broken the second we came up short on fourth and 1. A single backbreaking play that called back hobgoblins of the Norv Turner era, only Turner's Chargers never suffered a loss like this. And more importantly, no Superbowl winning team has ever suffered such a regular season loss. After watching that performance, how can we convince ourselves that a Superbowl win is within our grasp? Sure, we might be able to measure this season with a modicum of success when all is said and done. We might sneak into the playoffs and even win a game. But so what? I don't care much for hard won wildcard berths and first round playoff wins anymore. This is not a Championship team. That doesn't happen to Championship teams. And if there's no chance to win it all, then what's the point anymore?

This team may not be with us much longer, and instead of giving us fans what we desperately want, and most arguably deserve, this team is poised to leave us with what they seem to give us year after year. Disappointment. And as the media who called our Chargers pretenders after the KC loss pat themselves on the back for yet again shedding light on the reality of an overachieving San Diego sports franchise, I have to ask myself whether it's even worth it to hang in there with them until the end? And the answer is that I don't know that either.