Friday, October 22, 2004

Consistency is a Word Often Used to Describe Poo.

Brent Jones is a douche. Nothing he could ever say would redeem him to me. Seriously, crediting someone for noticing that LaDainian is the best running back in the league is like high-fiving a baby for sucking its thumb. I just had to get that off my chest to start things off.

Now for some pre-game analysis and prediction. God, how I love pregame analysis and prediction. Where should I start? All right, let me just say two words: Trap game. Wounded championship team, clawing desperately to get a handhold on this season. Freaking scary. Yes, their defensive line is decimated. Absolutely their leading receiver is out. True their QB, who was drawing comparisons to Tom Brady at the beginning season, is looking a little more like Greg Brady right now (Look out, Marsha!). But, and I’ve said it before, our beloved Chargers have done more than just about anyone to pull struggling teams out of their doldrums. Abso-freaking-lutely terrifying.

So let’s talk about what should happen. We’ve seen three straight weeks of consistent play on the field (With a splash of poor coaching, to be sure). If this keeps up, I imagine we’ll see “Our Boy Kick Ass” juking and jiving his way to a career type day against one of the worst ranked rushing defenses going right now. Don’t expect to see lights out numbers from Brees, as Carolina still has a ball-hawking secondary that can create mayhem. This is especially so, since our receiving core is a bit shaky at present. Bobby Shaw should plug in pretty quick, coming from a similar system in Buffalo, but don’t expect McCardell to do much more than occasionally come out and spread the field a bit. So once again the word is Antonio. Antonio. Antonio. Wherefore art thou Antonio? Oh there you are you crazy bastard, just past that imaginary yellow line for another first down. Atta boy! I wouldn’t mind seeing us get the ball to “Dear Lord, Did You Just See What He Did?” in space a time or two either.

On defense, don’t be fooled by that injury Steven Davis has been nursing. He’ll play hard with the season nearly on the line, so let’s keep that run defense focused. Looks like Drayton Florence is going to start at right corner this week. If he can keep his head in the game, this could be a major step in shoring up that porous secondary. We should probably keep the old digits crossed on that one. I also feel I have done a disservice to the team for not mentioning a couple of serious performers on the defensive side of the ball, so let me remedy that right now. Steve Foley and special teamer extraordinaire Stephen Cooper. Good solid first names on those guys too.

Bottom line is, on paper, we own this Panther team right now, but we need to remain consistent. Consistency, unfortunately has never been a strong suit in America’s Finest City.

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