Thursday, October 07, 2004

Right Back at Ya, Sister!

I'm assuming you are wanting a rebuttal? Well then, so be it.

1) Well, its closer than we've been so far this season, so at least the stadium should be pretty packed by Sunday. Mmmmm. Long beer and bathroom lines. I can't wait. BTW, don't forget to bring cash. I expect some side bets, and there are only 2 frickin' ATM machines in the whole of Qualcomm stadium. Beautiful.

2) For now, maybe all but the die-hards are better off not seeing this thing. I have a bad feeling this could be ugly. Either way, let's string a few together before we get down on the working man. As far as ownership picking up the slack...Are you frickin' serious?! The Spanoses still own this team, don't they?

3) My neighbor calls him "Hoss," but he calls everybody "Hoss." I prefer, "O.O.H." ( Our Only Hope)

4) Who cares? I'll be watching the Mary Anns and Gingers shaking their Pom-poms on the sidelines.

5) Why not Babe Laufemburg and Andre Coleman while you're at it? I don't have time to list them all.

6) I'll admit, Jevon Kearse always was good for a 4 game all-pro season. I'll take Carlos Hall. And are you seriously trying to say you'd take Eddie George over Chris Brown. Hmm. Maybe you know something that I don't know but I'd take He Hate Me to start over George right now. The Titans are held together with duct tape and string due to key injuries and poor cap management. I don't mind being the lucky beneficiaries. Still, I wouldn't count that team out just yet.

7) Are you talking about cold ones between you and I? If so, I'd say that gives the squad about 30 or so turnovers to give. I don't know, the Jags sport an awful tight D.

8) Umm...I hate the Raiders more than you?

Is anybody keepin' score here?

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