Monday, August 30, 2004

It's just preseason

So what if it is only pre-season football. I find it hard to believe that no one will broadcast the pre-season garbage to us because of the lack of the ill conceived ticket guarantee. We really need to sell out a pre-season game to see how the team looks on T.V.? Oh, I could just catch the replay at 11 o'clock, but when you are updated in a very timely manner on the outcome of the game, who wants to watch the replay?

Highlights included Drew Brees throwing an interception on the first series and looking angry and confused as a penalty negated the points that were put up as the pick was returned for a touchdown. That was it for me, I didn't need to see anymore of that garbage. There are only so many times you can watch a person make that same face, that one of pain and confusion, like you're looking for an answer to the question everyone already knows.

I understand that Rivers didn't look much better, but after what was three days of camp or something close to that, you get what you get. I do expect to see some improvements in the next contest, that is truly what is important right now.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Couchgate III

Saturday was the 3rd annual kickoff party for the Chargers held in the parking trap that is Qualcomm Stadium. Couchgate as it has been termed is exactly what the name implies only much, much worse. About a hundred people strong, armed with barbeques, coolers and yes of course couches, we set out to see what kind of debauchery could ensue with the right combination of said ingredients. Oh yeah, I think they played a game too...

Couchgate begins at about noon, unfortunately game time is 7 p.m. After trolleying through Old Town and taking the scenic tour of the entire Qualcomm parking trap, the couchgaters were spotted armed with all the necessary requirements for a successful tailgate. My inaugural visit to couchgate started with the beer bong to jello shot initiation. Needless to say this day would be highlighted with more jello shots and yes more beers, good thing it is preseason and any game analysis should be taken with a blood alcohol level in mind. Many hours after our arrival and many beverages deep, off to the game were the couchgaters. Some of us sought the sanctity of our homes to catch highlights.

Game analysis is to be short and sweet. Brees put up some impressive numbers, although the performance didn't seem to reflect the statistics that were posted. Something like 11- 14, 155 yards, 1 touchdown, no picks. On his lone touchdown pass, the football did it's best impression of a slaughtered duck, missing it's intended target, yet somehow Antonio Gates hauled it in for the score. Far be it for me to be critical of anyone' s performance on this day, for mine was one that any collegian would be proud of. Or at least I am told.

With Couchgate now behind us, three more dreaded weeks of the preseason tuneups until the real football begins.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004