Friday, October 15, 2004

Time to lay the reply down.

1) This should be an interesting battle at the lines. I suspect Tomlinson will receive more than his fair share of carries against a line very capable of applying the kind of pressure on Brees that could lead to big mistakes. Unfortunately, Atlanta also boasts one of the most formidable run-stopping defenses in the league as well. The Chargers have been doing a very respectable job stopping runners the last couple weeks themselves. As they do not employ a 4-3 defense, like Detroit, they will probably be less likely to spread the line out to corral Vick. Look for All-pro Donnie Edwards to spend a lot of time spying the elusive QB. This could leave the rest of our front seven to keep an eye on Dunn, who is having an impressive season as well. When all is said and done, I imagine neither Vick nor Tomlinson will have overwhelming numbers, with the nod going to LaDainian for sheer volume of carries. In my opinion, this contest comes down to Antonio Gates and Alge Crumpler, who have both thus far shown themselves to be among the elite NFL tight ends.

2) In my opinion the importance of turnover ratio always outweighs the importance of timeout conservation. So when it comes to timeouts, I say waste away, don't waste a play. The Chargers DBs have shown that they can be thrown on, that much is for sure. But they have also shown a knack for being in the right place at the right time at least a couple times a game. That coupled with the fact that Vick has looked shakey and uncomfortable so far in the west coast offense, leads me to give the nod to the bolts on this one.

3) Have to agree about the commercial interruptions, but the owners do have to get their TV money. At least we'll be able to watch, what should be an exciting contest, from the comfort of our usual barstools.

4) I addressed this for the most part in #1, but I should expand a little. Michael Vick is becoming less and less of a threat to run, as the coaching staff tries to put the shackles on him in what I suppose is a bid to extend his career. It baffles me when teams do this. You draft a guy for the things he does that make him transcendent, and then you try to break him of those very habits. They need to let this caged Falcon fly. Let's hope they don't figure it out until next week.

5) This one is a toss up. I think the Bolts will limit Brees to short patterns in order to keep Kerney from getting his licks in. This is fine cause we know Brees doesn't have much of a cannon anyway. He could end up with another good stat day with dump offs to Tomlinson and short outs to Gates. Vick will have more time, and will rack up some yards (Look for Peerless Price to have a bit of a breakout). Vick's arm is a howitzer, though, and could get him into trouble. Look for those opportunistic Charger DBs to make some of those right place, right time plays.

6) I was there last time, so I'll take the over. It had to be close to 5 hours. That's a true testament to your diligence as a Charger fan.

In closing, you eat boogers.

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