Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Long and Shoulder of It...

So, Sunday began with a trip to the parking trap at the Qualcomm. Arrival was a few hours before game time, fully stocked with the appropriate rations and beverages. Upon arrival, the grills were fired and sizzling and the relative mayhem began.

Lots and lots of positive Chargerisms here, flags, tee's, jersey's (some good, some bad). There was definitely a feeling of Charger love in the tailgating zones. There were some random "Iggles" jersey sightings, obviously the one guy in the T.O. jersey had not been practicing the aforementioned's latest end zone celebration. The "Vikes" fans next to us were decked out in Chris Carter attire, still living the legend that was the 90's. Then there was the guy in the "ReLeaf" pot T-Shirt, complete with the bust's number 16 emblazened across the back, flagged with a huge green pot leaf. What?!? I still don't get it, but that can wait 'till later. Oh, why not, let's visit this now.

I had in my possession a football just begging to be thrown, but with so many indulging in the grillin' delights, I had me no one for throwin' practice. Out of nowhere, the Leaf Pot guy throws up his arm and runs a rounded off corner route, of course without hesitation I hit him in stride. The pig winds up back in my arms and he starts the same corner route again. I of course launch one down the parking trap, but this time I am less than my usual accurate self and the pig is drifting towards a small pickup. Right before I turn away disgusted at my innaccuracy, I see Pot Guy, go diving head long into a row of cars and splashing, no, splattering down on the hood of said pickup. I couldn't believe what was happening right before my eyes. Needless to say there was some "significant" denting (about the size of a kneecap) in the little ride and the owners were ready to blame the quarterback. The quarterback responded with something along the lines of, "Maybe the football would have dented the car, maybe not. But I am relatively sure that the guy that did the belly flop on the hood was mildly responsible." The two car owners requested the necessary police presence to decide the situation. I actually listened to the conversations the car owners and the Pot Guy had with the police, and my role was decided when neither could speak coherently to the officers due to their respective levels of intoxication. I concluded my role with a resounding, "I can't believe you are involving me in this, you both sound like you have a handful of fuzzy mice in your mouth." Both parties, equally sauced on alcohol and marijauana let the quarterback off the hook and he was on his way to the game unscathed.

Off to the game and thanks to my cohort here, my foam finger clad arm was raised at this point and wouldn't be lowered until the celebration ended... the story of the game to follow...

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