Wednesday, October 06, 2004

It's None of the Above

Abysmal team in an abysmal division. That's what we are. Full of potential, yes. Full of steaming piles of cow flop, yes. Full of a bad system, yes. Full of a marginal at best multiple personality (as pointed out) quarterback, yes. Full of weaknesses, well, sort of.

This is about as fifty fifty as I have ever been on the Chargers. Everyone keeps reporting how bad we are at every position. I can see some of the rationale there, in the last few years we have seen some all time epic win totals for the season. What, something like thirteen wins in the last three years prior to 2004? A quarterback that looks like a potential pro-bowler one week, and the next like a former quarterback that reminded me of foliage. That being said, our glaring weaknesses are sometimes not as bad as the doomsdayers would like us to believe. We have been pelted for nine months now that our offensive line, defensive line, linebackers, and secondary are near the bottom of every statistical category in the league. After four games I can safely say that we don't look as bad as some have suggested. I have seen the defensive line play like an above average group, getting pressure, controlling but not completely stopping the run. The secondary shows signs of coming together, then allows forty yard touchdown passes on fourth downs in Denver. The receiving core, well, what receivers? These guys are an after thought for every "analyst" around. Tell that to whoever was covering Reche Caldwell on Sunday afternoon. These guys have proven that they will catch the ball when it is thrown their way, sometimes they might even make a big play.

Our most glaring and disturbing issue is at the helm of the little boat that could. The previously mentioned Dr. Drew/Hyde Brees, or something. When not throwing picks or being saddled like a pony with indecision, we have a strong Skipper at the wheel. Then there are the throwing errors. Instead of a strong Skipper, sometimes we see Gilligan. As evidenced in the Denver game. A game that was a fifty yard overthrown touchdown pass and a bad special teams penalty away from being a win instead of a ten point loss. Quarterbacks don't necessarily need strong arms, Drew has shown that. But if a ten year old girl can throw the ball further down field than you, accuracy is of the utmost importance. That's how Dr. Drew sold himself, "I can't throw it far, but I am darned accurate" or something like that. From what I have seen during Mr. Brees' tenure, his accuracy is fleeting. I have said it enough times that I should have it tattooed on my forehead, "Professional quarterbacks can't make throwing errors." Period.

That being said, are we an eight win team? Potentially, with the "abysmal" state of our division. Can we be competitive outside the division? Our success lies not with the best player in football who we all know belongs to us (Ladanian Tomlinson(not L.T., who was a coke head) in case you forgot) but in our Skipper. When he is the Skipper so go the Chargers, and those times he is Gilligan, well, hello first round draft pick once again, I missed you so. But for now, as has been said, "Best. Team. Ever." (Note: Except for Houston who whipped the "Just win Babies" last week.)

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