Friday, December 22, 2006

Some Holiday Nuggets

...and by nuggets, I don't mean angry basketball players in Denver with lots of tats and streed cred. I mean little chunks of fun info for your stocking!

First one- I heard on the radio yesterday a little fact that we in Charger land might enjoy. When we sent She-li Manning to the Giants, we got 3 players in return. Now, with the Gnats praying for a Christmas miracle to get in to the bonus season, and Mr. Mopey looking pretty sad, what about those three players we got for him? They are all three going to the Pro Bowl! Nate Kaeding, Shawne Merriman and Philip Rivers. That is kind of funny.

Second- It's funny to listen to Denver fans lately. I happen to know a few very well, and they have gone from "Broncos rule! Lookout Chargers"... to "Jake is still our man! He's shaking off that funk".... to "well, at least our D is amazing! we never allow any points!" ...and now that Jake has been Jaked, they've been SWEPT by the Chargers, and the D has been in the giving spirit of the season, they hang their hopes on their rookie QB, and ALL of their singing so far is about ONE pass! Yep, they've looked past the turnovers and the Defensive meltdowns and the missing identity running game, and are doing back flips over one pass by their rook. Yes it was a good pass. But it was ONE pass. Oh, and by the way it was against ARIZONA! I'm not saying Cutler will be bad or good, but it's just kind of sad that the Donk fans have been reduced to cheering and talking their talk about one play. One very good friend of mine referenced that pass, and used it to launch this beaut: "cutler showed he has a gun.. so i think we are alright at QB for the next 10+ years. " Ha... Love it. Those Donkey fans say some funny things sometimes.

Anyway, I'll keep this short because our boy MC has been prolific lately and I don't want to push all that too far down the page. Good work, man!

Happy Holidays all- and Thanks to Santa for giving us long time Charger Fans so much to cheer about this season... and let's keep it rolling!


Maximum Colossus said...

Always nice to have you in the fray, Jimbone. Thanks for the kind words. And yeah, that 10+ years thing is gold. They'll run Cutler out of town the second he misses the post season and they realize he's not Elway.

Pete said...

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