Friday, December 15, 2006

Fa La La La La LaDainian!

Hey CJ, I hate the new fucking Blogger bullshit! I have to put, like my whole e-mail address and some convoluted password with doohickeys and wing-dings and shit like that just to sign in. I can't remember all that garbage; I already have about a million other bullshit passwords to remember, and I'm hungover! You Suck!

I wasn't able to watch Inside Ballsack last night because the cable went out in our neighborhood for some reason and I've never been so happy to not have working television in my life. Went out drinking instead and watched Seattle fall apart like a juicy roast turkey. Mmmm. My dreams of a Niner/Bolt Superbowl rematch still have a faint pulse. Wooo! Too bad it's gonna be the Saints.

I did watch INFL on Wednesday night, but I was only marginally paying attention so I couldn't possibly give you a quality summation, and I'm all about quality. I can tell you that the curse lives on, because one of their SISes was about the Cowboys Director of Public Relations or some such shit, and then the Girls went out and got smacked around for four quarters by the soon to be All World Runner-Up New Orleans Saints. The fellas on the show have also started Pimping a Drew Brees/A.J. Smith cage match for the big game and all I'd like to say is "Welcome to the bandwagon, now stop stealing my shit! I know you read this!" I can't wait for the day that Collinsworth rags Danny Boy for being an waffling douche and Marino hits him with a, "Suck it, Worthless!" Come on, Dan, throw me a bone. I'll buy me some Isotoners, or Trimspa, or Nutrisystem, or Gut-be-gone, or whatever diet pill zinger you're schilling these days. I promise.

I also didn't manage to get my picks up here yesterday. If you're curious, I had Seattle to cover the 10 point spread and I was very obviously spanked like a bad, bad monkey. I'll get the rest of my opposite day picking skills up sometime today. In the meantime, suck on this greatness!


CJ said...

Boo fucking hoo waaah boy. And get your eyes checked cause that chick is uggo.

Best part of Inside the Suckfest was Carter ripping Marino for his "No Quarterback that ever led the league in passing has won the Super Bowl since like 1953." comment. I can't believe I just complimented that retard.

Maximum Colossus said...

That chick was total fug. I saw cleavage and went stupid. I hope the new pic of Santa babes holding their tits makes up for the transgression.

That wasn't a pain in the ass to change with your stupid Blogger shit at all. Ass faced ass!

CJ said...

I knew it was the boobies that got you. And I love the Santa Girls, I stared at them a lot last time you posted their greatness. All is forgiven.