Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Are You Sure That's A Nike?

One of the rather sad things about this season as a Charger fan is that while I am certainly able to question another team's ability to hang with mine in a physical contest of footballing, I am sadly unable to call into question that team's moral fiber. I'm sure you all know about the various transgressions Charger players have had this year, and the hits just keep on coming as CJ brought to my attention this morning with this article. Conterfeit shoes. Yeah, you heard me. Fake shoes.

"According to the Washington Post, Drug Enforcement Agents suspected that "sums of money" that certain Chargers had sent to China involved steroids smuggling. Officials, however, ended up concluding that the payments were for knockoffs of brand-name athletic shoes that would have been sold in the United States. While the story names no names and cites no sources directly, it says that the DEA turned the case over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, which declined to make a comment Monday to NBC 7/39, as did a Chargers spokesman. "

At least you can say our players do it with panache. When our guys get pulled over for DUIs, they take bullets. Multiple bullets. Our guys traffic prescription cough medicine. Counterfeit shoes? Par for the course. Just keepin' it interesting. As stated, no names have come out, but I'm putting my money on Gates. That guy's just too likeable. Go Bolts!!!

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