Tuesday, November 28, 2006

An Open Letter...

Dear Mr. Sandy Alderson and Mr. Kevin Towers,

Today, whilst I perused the local paper looking for updates on my favorite baseball team's strategic genius for the upcoming three-peat by the TWO TIME WESTERN DIVISION CHAMPIONS!, I stumbled across this batch of lies that I would like to address and discount completely.

Mr. Sandytowers, you hold a lot of power over our baseball team here in this town. You are the genius that is going to return our basball team to prosperity amidst the mediocrity of the National League West. But, kind sirs, your strategies are not lost on me. I am not going to let you manipulate the facts in order to serve your interests, which to date, I am not sure if are in line with the team's and the fans best interests. You owe me the breakfast I vomited for distance this morning while reading your lies. I will not let you lie to us so blatently, whilst you raise our season ticket prices an additional twenty percent for the 2007 campaign. Some highlights:

(The Padres)"...came to a preliminary agreement on a two-year deal with second baseman Craig Counsell, all but bid adieu to left fielder Dave Roberts and looked into trading for Red Sox left fielder Manny Ramirez."

Craig Counsell is to be a San Diego Padre for two years defending base number two. What does Mr. Counsell bring to the table? Easy...

"Counsell should be in the fold within a few days, giving the Padres a potential leadoff man to replace Roberts. Although Counsell can fill a utility role, he is expected to replace second baseman Josh Barfield, who was traded for third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff last month. Counsell, playing mostly at shortstop and drawing a salary of $1.75 million, appeared in 105 games for the Diamondbacks this year and batted .255 with four home runs and 14 doubles."

That should cover Josh's departing .280, 13 Home Runs, 58 RBI and 151 hits, 32 of which were doubles. Is Josh scheduled to make nearly $2 Million next year? Man, way out of our league I am sure, but I am also sure that you have that money covered with the release of Chan Ho "Bleeding" Park and Ryan Klesko, and that whole 20% increase in season ticket prices. But, you have a plan, no?

"Yesterday they bid more than $10 million for the right to negotiate with Japanese pitcher Kei Igawa."

Well, that's good right? Going after a guy who produced in the Japanese leagues these hallworthy numbers...

"Viewed by American teams as a No. 4 starter, Igawa went 14-9 with a 2.97 ERA for Hanshin last year. He is the second Japanese player pursued by the Padres this month..."

Shoring up that number four spot in the rotation is the top priority, as there are no other reputable free agents that are capable candidates and throw the ball left handed, see: Tom Glavine. But, that's here nor there...

"Igawa, 27, will be far more expensive. The Padres are seeking his negotiating by bidding against other teams with his employer, the Hanshin Tigers. “I think several clubs are also involved,” said Padres General Manger Kevin Towers."

Other clubs? Like who? Oh, that's who...

"The New York Yankees won the bidding for Japanese pitcher Kei Igawa when the Hanshin Tigers accepted their offer of just more than $26 million Tuesday."

To continue...

"The New York Mets bid between $15 million and $16 million for Igawa, a baseball official said on condition of anonymity because the amounts of losing bids are not disclosed."

We were right there guys, right there, for what? What did get spanked in the bidding war for?

"Igawa faced a touring team of MLB stars this past month, which included Mets stars Jose Reyes and David Wright. Igawa, who faced the MLB stars after a month layoff, gave up a home run to Wright and walked six batters in Japan's 7-2 loss."

Earthshattering. Just knocked the planet off it's orbital axis with those numbers. What was David Wright's take?

""I just don't know," Wright told Newsday. "I'd have to see him when he's in midseason form. You send a guy up there after a month layoff and you can't get a handle on a guy. But as far as a lefty goes, he has a sneaky fastball. I thought he threw, for a lefty, an average to above-average fastball, an above-average changeup, and his slider was a little flat. But with a month off, who knows? Could be any number of reasons.""

Well, I'm sold. David Wright could sell tampons to a drag queen in Hillcrest with that endorsement. Yet you continue with this charade even further...

"He is the second Japanese player pursued by the Padres this month and will cost far more than versatile Akinori Iwamura, whose rights fetched $4.5 million from the Devil Rays. Blown out of the water by Tampa Bay's bid, the Padres this time face stiff competition from, among others, the Rangers."

You Mr. Sandytowers, did not even have us in the running for a pitcher who demanded $4.5 Million to negotiate signing? We were in fact, "blown out of the water by Tampa Bay's bid"? What did you bid? A fish taco and a sunny 85 degree June day? You must not think very highly of your fan base Mr. Sandytowers.

"As expected, the Padres are saying goodbye to Roberts – who has a three-year deal in place with the Giants for between $15 million and $17 million. The Padres have spoken with Roberts' agent just once since signing him for $2.25 million last winter. Were the season to open today, Towers said the left fielder would be Terrmel Sledge, another potential leadoff candidate in the Padres' view, although he hit just .229 in 38 games last season and was exempted from their playoff roster."

I would like to request a copy of Dave's contract once signed supporting those numbers with full detail of the money breakdown, of course this suggests that Mr. Bonds will no longer be patrolling the left side of the outfield for Hillcrest North. But, those Terrmel Sledge numbers are comparable and quite impressive.

So what's next Mr. Sandytowers? Oh, you were getting to that, I see...

"Ramirez's powerful right-handed bat fits the Padres' stated desire for a middle-of-the-lineup hitter, and Towers spoke to the Red Sox about what it would take to get Ramirez, who wants out of Boston.

"The rest would be complicated. Ramirez is guaranteed $18 million in 2007, $20 million in 2008, plus $8 million in deferred money. Further, he has club options worth $20 million in 2009 and 2010, can veto any deal and reportedly has said he prefers to stay in the American League.

Adding to the challenge, a potential trade partner likely would have to negotiate with Ramirez to gain his consent, and three player agents said yesterday that one should assume that Ramirez's agent would ask for at least an additional $20 million in guaranteed income.

Many players welcome the chance to play in San Diego, but it's unclear that Ramirez would be one of them. Many sluggers dislike Petco Park, and the Padres clubhouse, as of now, would offer scant Latino presence to Ramirez, a native of the Dominican Republic who is extremely tight with Red Sox teammate David Ortiz.

Stomaching Ramirez's subpar defense and flighty personality also would be part of the equation. Just last year, Towers championed the move of the speedy Roberts from center to left because he said Petco Park and the other large outfields of the NL West accentuated outfield defense.

How much of Ramirez's salary the Red Sox would assume would depend on the talent dealt them. Padres reliever Scott Linebrink interests Boston, and in 2005 the Red Sox talked to the Rangers about first baseman Adrian Gonzalez."

After being "blown out" by Tampa's meager bid, and this team's conservative fiscal policy, you are to have me believe that you will part with Scott Linebrink and Adrian Gonzalez (your only Latino influence left on the squad) and suck up $20 Million per year, with an additional $20 Million to keep the crybaby happy? Who are you selling this to? As naive as I am, I'm not even stupid enough to believe that. You are trying to convince me we are going to take a serious run at Manny, yet you support that with eighty four different reasons why it won't work. Yeah, I know what comes next. We ALL do. This is when you say that we are such a small market here in San Diego that we can't compete with the big boys. The Devil Rays if you will.

So free up $24 Million with the release of the aforementioned salaries that are gone. Raise ticket prices and complain that we can't compete. I see your angle. Someone around here saw this coming long before I did. But, to your credit, you had me "Keeping the Faith!" and "Believing!". You had me fooled. You have me fooled no longer.

Thank you Mr. Sandytowers for distracting me and discouraging me five months in advance for the upcoming baseball season. Thank you for taking this chunk of time from my day, turning my attention from the gloriousness of our football team to tell me that we will in fact, suck shit on the baseball diamond for years to come. Thank you for forcing me to anger the readers here by wasting an entirely too long post on the ineptitude of our baseballing management. Thank you for doing all that, and then slipping in that little fact that I am going to have to pay more money to see that shit sucking team in person yet again. Thank you from the bottom of my shrinking, cold, quivering heart. And thank you for leaving this gem for me to ponder while I struggle to sleep tonight...

"They are talking to Mark Mulder's agent about a one-year deal for the former Athletics and Cardinals starter, who has a career 103-57 record and 4.11 ERA. Mulder had season-ending shoulder surgery in August and isn't due back before next summer."

Just fucking awesome. Thank you at least for giving me one reason (read: J. Biel) to root for the fuck ass Yankmees.




Anonymous said...

I think you have little base for your complaints, other than the Union Tribune doing a bad job reporting the news. Barfield was traded to shore up third base; this Kouzmanoff guy has way better minor league hitting numbers than Barfield ever did. Third base was a black hole last year; this year it should be easier to acquire decent talent to play at second than at third. I agree Counsell doesn't qualify as decent talent, but the Padres didn't sign him ultimately. Manny Ramirez rumors are just rumors, pretty ridiculous ones at this point. The real way Towers and Alderson could screw this club over for years to come would be to guarantee huge money and long years to players coming off career years that they are unlikely to duplicate.

CJ said...

Agreed about the Union T, that's become their position, reporting the news poorly. There is no defense for them.

As far as Counsell goes, he pulled out of the deal after I put this together so, I'm off the hook there, but I will say that the addition of Tony Graffanino at second base does not a solution make.

Third base has been a black hole since Caminiti went away, and a triple A prospect in return for a promising Barfield does not in my mind make a sound decision. At best it's a push until otherwise proven.

My point may have been missed, that Sandytowers isn't screwing the club, but the fans that go to the games by not accumulating top tier talent when money is available, and well, raising ticket prices again. We haven't had anyone drive in 100 runs in 5 years. Think about that...

I'm just waiting for the excuses about our market share to roll in as we basement dwell for two years.

Maximum Colossus said...

The club comes up with numerous excuses not to spend money while trying to placate the fan base with crap like, "Oh we tried to get that Japanese pitcher" or "We looked into Man Ram, but it was just too pricey." They made a lowball offer on those pitchers knowing full well they would be outbid. They knew Manny's numbers would be prohibitive to just about anybody with big NY on their hat. It's just spin and bullshit. They're praying on our goodwill after two division titles. They would likely have had to negotiate a better contract for Barfield, but now they can wait a year before they would have to do the same for whats-his-face. Bottom line is that they said we could compete with a new ballpark and we have not. We won two years in the NL West. We would likely have come in dead last in any other. If you're ready to eat that crap, anonymous, more power to ya. I'll just keep standing in the corner calling bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your disgust at the rumors they spread to try and make themselves look better. I'm not sure if that's the team front office or just the U-T trying to sell papers. But I have no problem with the front office ultimately not making these moves because I think that in the long run they're better off.

I agree that the NL West title two years ago was bullshit, but I'll take it over spending the year in the cellar. And last year's title was legit, since the Padres had the second best record in the NL (the Central was the one that was horrifically bad last year).

I think that the Padres are finally starting to deliver on the promises they made with the new ballpark, with three winning seasons in a row and the club well-positioned (in my opinion) to make the playoffs for a third straight year in 2007.

Let's take a moment from bitching about the Padres to be thankful for the job A.J. Smith has done.

Maximum Colossus said...

I have to agree. A.J. has done a pheniminal job in setting the Chargers up to be the creme de la NFL. Even if he is an ass-faced ass.

CJ said...

Agreed on A.J. he gets a get out of jail free card or at least a conjugal visit from some trampy girl.

But, how are the Padres positioned for the playoffs in their current situation? No 3rd baseman, No 2nd baseman, a vegetarian shortstop whose digits are more fragile than chalk, no left fielder, no leadoff man, gaps in an already inconsistent pitching staff, and a power hitting right fielder, who is severely lacking in power.

Oh, and there is that whole two young catchers thing, neither of which have caught an entire season or managed to stay healthy even playing every third day.

I wouldn't wager on the playoffs just yet, and I don't want to toot our horns too loudly about the last two years, you know, with that whole 1-10 record in the playoffs against the "inferior" Cards team. Not to mention the disconnect between leagues. But hey, what do I know???