Wednesday, November 22, 2006


You've more than likely heard the following news already, but it obviously bears reporting here and I apologize for not getting to it sooner but all of your checks bounced. Stupid poor people!

Earlier in the week the news broke that Marlon McCree would not be fined by the NFL for his supposed "horrendous cheap shot" on T.J. Houshmanzedah. Take that Dan Dierdorf! More proof you have no idea what the hell you are ever talking about. And take that Dr. Z. In his mailbag last week, Z says the shot was definitely crown of the helmet on helmet. Funny the league missed that, but they probably weren't paying that much attention, they're pretty lazy when it comes to handing out fines.

On the heels of the no-fine call on McCree comes this judgment from the Commisioner Roger Goodell. Of course Igor Olshansky was penalized by the NFL for punching Tom Nalen in the melon and his subsequent ejection from the game Sunday night. Fined to the tune of $10,000. Now, $10,000 is not all that much of a fine for what seemed like a pretty aggregious offense, but in perhaps the first documented case of its kind ever, the league actually noticed a Denver Shit Ponies O-lineman taking a straight dive at an opposing player's knees and fined Nalen $25,000. The call was easier to make than the 1000 or so other times that this has happened due to the fact that it was a spike-ball play and no other O-lineman on the Denver squad did much more than stand up. What's worse, Olshansky just came back from knee surgery. Hmm, a punch in the head? I'll allow it.

Two great things to take away from the above rulings:

1) Two young players in Olshansky and McCree were able to avoid the Rodney Harrison cheap play tag that lead two tons of fines and penalties throughout his career here in San Diego.

2) NFL referees may finally have to take notice of the well known cheap tactics employed buy the formerly known as NFL's stingiest defense.

Now, if we can just get the Raiders to stop poking TBE in the ribs, we'll be good to go! Go Bolts!!!


FryanEgg said...

They fined Nalen 25K, right? Could you imagine, take two punches from "strength of bear" and your left paying the tab as well?!

Maximum Colossus said...

Thanks, I forgot to put in Nalen's fine. It's in there now.