Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Picks And...Wait For It...Hot Girl. You're Welcome

I'm an older man, by the way.

I had a pretty good week on the old pickaroos last week. By good week, I mean that I was just barely under .500 so suck on that whores! That being said, worship the genius, fuckers!

Oakland @ KC
The return of Trent Green, who obviously begged Herman Edwards to help him get over his Kurt Warner flashbacks. Will it save the season? Against the Raiders? Yeah, probably.
Chiefs 34, Raiders 13

Indianapolis @ Dallas
Can the Colts go undefeated on this season? I hope so. So much the sweeter when we knock them off their high horse in the play-offs. Fuck your girl's name, Manning! Take it like a man, Dallas!
Colts 42, Cowgirls 19

Cincy @ New Orleans
A lot of people are saying that the Bengals are fighting mad after giving it up big time to the soon-to-be defending Superbowl champion San Diego Chargers, but I am not impressed. They are going to lay down and die for the soon-to-be Superbowl losing Saints and their co-rookies of the year this week. Suck it, The OC!
Saints 34, Bengals 23

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland
The oddsmakers continue to live in the past by favvoring the sorry Pittsburgh steel-working club, but facts be brutal, they are awful. Watch The Best Tight End Ever's son march his platoon down the field all day as the Browns leg the Steelers to death on Sunday.
Browns 18, Steelers 14

Tennessee @ Philly
Donovan McNabb and his momma continue the treand of making the Tennesse hunting club eat their racist bullshit Ray Lewis style. That means the Eggles will murder the Titans if you haven't been keeping up with Lewis' career.
Eggles 30, Titans 14 (It's always 14)

Hotlanta @ Baltimore
I'm going against the grain here and picking the Ravens because my hatred has no focus. TBE is way better than Mike Marino. I'm just saying is all.
Ravens 17, Falcons 12

Sweet Lou @ Carolina
The circle is now complete. Bulger will again be amazing in defeat and the Rams season goes spiraling down the drain.
Panthers 20, Rams 13

Buffalo @ Houston
Everybody is morose over the prospect of Arizona playing Detroit, but at least that game has a ghost of a chance of being slightly interesting to watch. No such luck here.
Texans 13, Bills 12 Losman!

New England @ Green Bay
Maybe I'm jumping on the whole "What the fuck happened to Joe Montana" bus a little early, but there is something to it. New England better start worrying, cause their coach and their Messiah are grasping at straws right now and Brett Favre smells redemption. But alas...
Pats 24, Packers 22

Washington @ Tampa
It's hard to pick anyone to lose to Tampa at this poin, but I'm a bite the bullet type of guy, so eat it.
Bucs 23, Skins somehow 11

Chicago @ New York Jets
The NFC sucks. Grossman sucks. Ditka sucks.
Jets 28, Bears 13

Minnesota @ Miami
I just booked my flight to Minnesota for Christmas and I really want to believe their won't be a lot of sad people in that little hole in the wall bar in the North Woods I'll be living in. Uhhh...maybe?
ViQueens 8, Dolphins 7

Detroit @ Arizona
How did this game not make Monday night on ESPN?
Lions 37, Cards 13

Seattle @ Santa Clara
No one knows what is going to happen this season. That statement gets a giant exclamation point from the even line I've got on this game. Bet the farm on this one fellas.
Hawks 32, 49ers 16

San Diego @ Denver fuck ass mile high corn hole
Let me school you on some serious shit right now. The Broncos are shit. Dogs and pigs will eat their own shit, but Stallions don't. They eat grass. The Chargers are fucking stallions. Look it up. That's some Mutual of Omaha knowledge right there.
Bolts 38, Shit Ponies 20

New York Giants @ Jacksonville
For the second time today, I am forced to go with a craphole team I hate because the AFC defiles the NFC mothers and dughters. Such is life.
Jags 24, VaGiants 20 I swear it's not this close.

There you have it.If you don't like it, eat it and lose all your money. Does that make you happy? You've been mostly dead all day.

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