Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Can you hear that?

Holy crap is right...
Wow, it's a good time to be a Chargers fan. I think back to right before game one of the regular season. Rivers about to get his first NFL start, on the road against the Raiders, on Monday night. Was I nervous? Yep. It wasn't because I doubted Rivers' or the Chargers' abilities. I had watched as much of him as I could at the end of past season's games and during preseason, and I had been talking him up. I was telling anyone who asked that I thought he looked like a winner. But still, game one always has some nervous uncertainty, and opening up on the road against the twilight zone that can be Oakland on MNF? That has to give you some jumpies. I'm sure that Rivers had them, somewhere deep down, but you couldn't tell. He looked like he had ice in his veins. Chargers deal out a 27-0 spanking, and the season is on.

Flash forward... week 11 is in the books. Would you have guessed that the Chargers have an 8-2 record and have just done the Donkeys in their own house? Rivers tossing 2 TD's and cupping his ear at the crowd? Wow. Looks like he IS a winner, and has been proving it game by game.

But then, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise, when you have LT behind you at the line. He becomes more of a legend every day. I actually can't picture LT doing the cupped ear, or the shhh or anything like that to the crowd or the opposing team. The most he does is the "teapot" and that's ok with me. It may be even more demoralizing that way. If you are playing against him, it has got to be incredibly annoying. All week your coaches scheme and try to drill it into your head not to let him beat you. You study tape, you practice, you dream about how to stop him and talk about it with your teammates. Then game time comes and you watch him make you all look like you are playing on a 2 second delay, cross into the end zone for the nth time, and flip the ball to the ref like he's picking up his dry cleaning. It has to feel like it's not fair, like he's playing a different game. He is.

Congrats to LT on getting to 100, and check that video below posted by MC- it may give you chills. This team should be fun to watch for a while- it's boiling over with deep talent, and it is young!

Thanks Chargers for quieting the Donk fans for a while... That silence... ahhhhh it feels good. No, Philip, I can't hear them either. It's a beautiful thing.

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