Saturday, November 18, 2006

An Open Letter...

To Whom it May Concern, a.k.a. our Selfless Readers:

Hello and Welcome to the SuperChargers. I would like to both welcome and thank those of you who stop by here regularly and peruse our drivel while figuring out how to better spend your workday. As we attempt to wax intellectual and further reduce your productivity, it is appreciated that you waste your time here with us instead of clogging your toilet during your morning visit. But, I have a complaint with you. You, our clientele, our readers...

There is a point where you must get sick of our incessant babbling and ranting about pacific northwest albino midgets with Bosworth jerseys, toothless rabid Donkey fans, and the suckfest that is Ms. Peyton and family. It is both our duty and goal to instigate, provoke, and bait all of you into discussion. Yet, due to your fantastic Marine like discipline, our efforts are unrewarded daily. It is up to you, dear readers, to prove your literacy and express yourselves to us with your likes, dislikes, and attempts at humor, purely at our expense. Which brings us to the point of this open letter.

We have, like all the rest, set up the comments section of this here blog to hear from you, our reader(s). I know that during my "work" day, I am here, evaluating all the action (incorrectly mind you) wondering what makes you all tick. We want to hear from you. We want to know your innermost desires, your jokes, your thoughts. Good or bad, funny or not, we want to know what goes on with the folks who have more functional brain cells than the sixteen we have here combined. So bring it fine readers. Bring the noise. Bring the awesome. Make with the comments. Let us know what is going on. We must increase the Boltness here and all over our town. It's bad enough that we have to suffer the pathetic wrath that is Denver transplanting here in San Diego, but it's made entirely worse wondering if anyone has our back. Get our backs, you the readers. Tell us what's funny. Tell us your funny. Make with your thoughts. We do this for you, poorly mind you, but for you nonetheless. We are on the brink of Bolting history here in the 2006, and we want a crew to back us on this ride. Share the love, and the vocabulary and help make this a better place. I'm putting this on all of you...

Thank you for your time.


Go Bolts!! Die Denvers.

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