Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Some Random Thoughts Entering the Bye Week...

* Why is it that when you pound nobody teams, “experts” still doubt the power of the Bolt. What? Do you want us to pound them by 70? I think we should…

* Ray Lewis may or may not have killed someone, or two someones. Okay, fine, he didn’t do it. Does that mean I can’t call him murderer anymore? Can I do it the week we play them at least?

* Not to get all political here, but that Ahminidhjhabad guy from Iran would be taken a lot more seriously if he’d talk with his eyes open. Well no, that’s not really true.

* I saw a guy this weekend try to stop a bloody nose, like a faucet bleeding nose, with a tampon. Yes, he was on a lot of drugs ‘allegedly’…Kick me in the face if I ever channel Rome again.

*Mary Buckheit of ESPN Page2 should fall down in a patch of Texas Red Fire Ants and fail to ever get up.

* Everyone is awfully quick to get off the Carolina Bandwagon.

* Everyone should read Kissing Suzy Kolber Now go do it ass.

* Everything after this week should get easier if you consider gambling on football any kind of entertainment. If you Fantasy Football Masturbators would try that you wouldn’t give any more of your time to that garbage.

* I love football season…

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