Friday, December 10, 2004

Why Do I Surround Myself With Incompetence???

All right full of yourself…. Let’s rock:

1) Yes this can be a trap game. Yes, Brian Griese isn’t good. Yes, Michael Clayton is scary, oooooh! I am afraid. Go drown yourself. The only way we lose this one is if the shotgun goes off in our pants. As long as we prepped for this one, Griese will not look good. Remember Denver? He hasn’t been the same since that sweet lateral to us…

2) Backwards? The only sure fire way to beat us is to stop the run first. They will attempt to do that. I would still game plan around the running back and make the Skip beat you. That is how I think they will try to do it, 22nd against the run be damned. That’s why you suck at “fantasy” sports, you are all about the numbers all the time… They should attack our strenghths as we should attack theirs...

3) True. But this time I am cashing in. At exactly 6:12p.m. You calling in sick???

4) Ronnie rules. And when you put the ball on a tee and you scream “Hey, don’t hit this one!!”, what can I do? “That’s barely enough time to retard myself.” I think August and Eric might have just let a little urine slip out into their drawers…

5) Who needs a helicopter when you got an Avalanche?

Yes, Bolts go beating other squads soundly…!!!

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