Friday, December 10, 2004

Do You Get A Kick Out Of Making Me Rush?

Babies rock! Chicks dig ‘em and it only takes one or two drinks to knock them out for the night. Then you can pop them in the trunk (poke air holes. Seriously) and go back to ogling the jiggly parts of Candy and Star. I think Star really likes me. She’s such a sweet girl. And smart, too. We had a really great conversation in the Champagne Room, and she’s only a few units away from getting her teaching credential. Anyway…

1) Trap Game is something hunters do when they’re too sissified to fire a gun. Boo yah! That was tight, yo. In all seriousness, though, Brian Griese has manhandled the Bolts in the past, and Michael Clayton is emerging as a bit of a stud. And Jurevicious is an awfully kick-ass name. We’re gonna want to go ahead and work some of that big play magic again this week.

2) I think you’re a little backwards here, amigo. The Bucs are 22nd in the league against the run. Not too impressive. They are numero uno versus the pass. That’s a little scarier. God, at least one of us does our research. Go LDT!

3) I doubt that’s the only thing I owe you all shots for.

4) I think we’re actually posting up at the opposite side of the stadium. J-3. Ronnie got the seats and that’s where his buddies are at. Also, looks like we’re not rolling in until about 11:00. Not sure how I feel about that. That’s barely enough time to retard myself. Shut up.

5) I’m waiting to hear from my boss about borrowing the corporate helicopter. If he comes through, you’re in. It’s quite spacious.

Religion also rocks. If you pick the right one you get to drink wine in church and go to Heaven no matter what. Double boo yah! Go Bolts!!!

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