Monday, December 27, 2004

Happy Holidays...

Weekend Roundup:

-First things…well first: Merry Christmas…
-I am severely lacking any of the “Luck of the Irish”
-Be sure to catch the latest bestselling novel by my cohort entitled “How to Negotiate with Cab Drivers”
-Nine game winning streaks are tough to come by
-Losing that game was the best thing that could have happened
-Many more than one record fell in Indianapolis on Sunday
-Cabo is 10 days away
-There will be a playoff game viewed there
-Our coaches don’t trust our Iowan kicker
-Mr. Rivers should get some playing time on Sunday
-LaDanian “Touchdown” as he shall now be known, should get some rest. (Credit: August)
-The road to the Bowl goes through Pittsburgh
-Breakfast Sandwiches are good
-Caddyshack was a great film
-There was a Phil sighting
-Nope, still don’t like Peyton Manning

More later…

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