Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Dolphins Signed A Whole Bunch Of Chargers To Their Injured Reserve This Season.

Well, well, well. The playoff landscape in the AFC has changed a bit. After a dismal outing by uber Quarterback Tom Brady, the door to bye week bliss has been blasted wide open. Okay, maybe not wide open, but there is a glimmer of light coming through that crack. If the Pats drop another this weekend to the Jets, who I'm sure wouldn't mind clinching in this game so they can rest a couple of their guys, then the winner of the Bolts/Colts football hullabaloo has the fast track to a two week vacation followed by a hometown happy dance in the divisional playoff round. Hoo-ray!

Now I'm not seeing this will be a small feat, by any means. The Colts are...well, they're the Colts. With a near record breaking offense stacked full of enough weapons to warrant a UN inspection, and a defense that has quietly shown up as the season has wore on, this is the ultimate test for a Charger team that has manhandled some pretty awful teams and matched up a little too tightly with the rest of the field. Then there's the Chiefs. Just when you thought we were safe from the Priest, along comes Larry Johnson. He of the 6 TDs and 5.8 yards per carry over the last 6 games. This is the same Larry Johnson that was "a little too soft" for the rest of the league to take any interest in when the Chiefs tried to shop him before the season. Of course, Trent Green always loves to take a crack at us, and who can blame him? We got rid of this guy to hold on to Craig Wheels on Fire. Then, to add injury to insult, we removed him from the greatest show on turf, paving the way for a grocery bagger who will now go down in NFL history as having one of the most profound 3 year quarterbacking spans ever.

These are going to be tough games, but it's exciting to know that they mean so much more today than they did yesterday. I must admit, though, I am kind of looking forward to watching Charger playoff football in Cabo. But it's not about me. It's about the team.

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