Thursday, December 23, 2004

Man, I Have A Whole Lot Of Nothing To Say!

Let’s talk about what happened in Cleveland this past Sunday. For starters, the Chargers delivered their first shut out in 11 years. Not bad. They did it in the 4th coldest game in Charger history. The hell you say? And it was against the powerhouse Cleveland Browns. Okay, so that ain’t exactly anything to write home about. But for this team to persevere in the face of mother nature’s awesome fury could be just the confidence boost they’ll need to take them into post season glory. The defense continues to come up big, and LDT looks to be in prime form to help us get past two formidable opponents in the next two weeks. These games are huge. We could still get a bye here people.

The pro bowl votes are in, and as has been previously noted in this blog, our defensive heart and soul, Donnie Edwards was snubbed. Gay. A case could also be made for likes of Jamal Williams and Mike Scifres (Check it out, he’s a damn good punter), but Edwards is the real story here. The guy has far and away more tackles than any of the LBs who came out above him in the voting, and even though he isn’t a sack machine, he’s made enough big plays to make a believer out of me. Truth is, I’ve been a believer in Edwards for years, and I know a lot of KC fans who couldn’t believe that team would let him go. Worst of all, I heard the following story on the radio yesterday. Apparently, Donnie is a big war memorabilia buff. His grandfather was a WW II vet, which inspired Donnie to start his collection, a large part of which consisted of his grandfather’s own gear. Well, Sports Illustrated got wind of this and did a story on him. Edwards’ grandfather knew about the story but died before it went to print. That’s pretty tear jerking, wouldn’t you say? It’s not over. Edwards would have liked to have given pappy a proper vet’s burial, but the old man had made it clear he wanted to be cremated and have his ashes spread off the deck of one of the ships (I can’t remember which one) that is stationed in Hawaii. So Donnie goes out and busts his ass to make the Pro Bowl, so he can respect his grandfather’s wishes on that weekend. Guess that didn’t work out. Maybe he can get Joey Porter to do it for him. Super gay.

How about the boys that made it, though? Drew Brees? Can’t argue with that call. What a job this guy has done. In Sunday’s game he registered a 149.3 quarterback rating. Granted that was on a 4 for 6 day. But hey, the QB rating doesn’t lie. That’s kick ass. I was a little worried that the voter’s would go with America’s Sweetheart over there in Pittsburgh, but, amazingly, cooler heads prevailed and Drew got the nod. My personal MVP, he of the First Down!, Antonio Gates got the nod at Tight End. Honestly, who else gets this slot. The guy is all but assured to set the Tight End TD record, and is one of the most pleasant surprises in Bolt history. Hmm. Who was the other Charger that made it? Umm…it’s on the tip of my tongue. Oh, that’s right! Fresh off of last year’s snub, our boy LaDainian finally gets his due. Another no brainer of course. Over 1600 yards from scrimmage and 16 TDs should get you a couple of votes. Notice how none of last year’s AFC representatives are going back this year? Granted Priest Holmes was hurt and Jamal Lewis is a drug dealer, but how’s D.C. treatin’ ya Portis? Three cheers for three Chargers who are giving us a great year. Way to go boys!!!

Is anybody else out there getting a little giddy at the prospect of our glorious Lightning Bolts matching up against the Atlanta Falcons? Now that the Eagles have lost TO (Did you see that sorry offense after he went out?), it paves the way for Atlanta to make the big game. If we can keep up our end it will be sweet. I know we played them before, but we weren’t the team we are now, and we still should have won that game. I doubt we’d make the mistake of forgetting about Vick again. This would be the ultimate opportunity to put those Vick versus Tomlinson comparisons to bed, once and for all.

I sometimes forget myself. Before we talk about Super Bowls, I suppose I’d better address this week’s big game in Indianapolis. Did you know that the Chargers are the only team in the NFL with a QB with more than 20 TD passes, a receiver (or Tight End as the case may be) with over 10 TD receptions and a RB with over 10 TD rushes. How do you suppose Edgerrin feels about Peyton’s record in a contract year. Of course, I don’t really think Edgerrin’s lack of TD production is going to affect his market value, but it must be frustrating to be a premiere back in the NFL and see your team passing the ball so much inside the opponent’s five yard line. Look out Colts, the Football Gods are watching you very closely. But Peyton will likely at least match the record this week, and that’s fine with me, because I just don’t believe it’s going to be enough. The Bolts are playing hard, and playing with confidence. Their spot in the playoffs is set, and they aren’t chasing records. Look for the Bolts to play loose and free, and to take care of business handily in Colt Town. Chargers 38, Colts 24.

So that is that. I’m done posting til next week (unless of course my cohort says something so inane that I can’t help but rebut), and am brimming with fandom. Repeat after me: “All I want for Christmas is a first round bye (and homefield advantage throughout would be nice, but let’s not get greedy)!” Merry Christmas, and all that jazz! Go Bolts!!!

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