Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Roundup...

Reflections from the Weekend:

-Fantastic day for football in San Diego.
-That baby story was completely true.
-Apparently, from what I am told, the backseat of my truck is a comfortable bed.
-Guns and Roses got significant airplay this weekend.
-We actually saw a Charger “highstep” his way into the end zone. Can’t remember the last time that happened.
-Insincerity runs rampant at this site.
-I have used up all of my Iowa jokes, and I need more Super Glue.
-A good kick to the groinal area of the shorts will drop most anyone.
-40 lbs. of ice is just enough.
-Certain cab drivers need to have their licenses revoked and perhaps some professional psychiatric assistance administered before they are released in public.

-Cabo is less than one month away.

-I am going to be in Austin, Texas very soon.
-Losing is something my footballing team and I have forgotten how to do.

That is all…

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