Monday, November 29, 2010

And Away We Go!

Well, it wasn't the 75-0 shellacking I predicted, but it was a shellacking none-the-less. Here's a couple of quick thoughts.

  • Watching Mike Tolbert run makes me believe more than ever that Norv Turner was operating under some mandate last year to make Tomlinson and Sproles work in the backfield due to the amount of dollars they were being paid. Tolbert and, at the time, Bennett were the two best backs on the team for the system Norv runs and they saw very limited time. Too bad. We may have given the Jets a real game if Tolbert had carried the rock. And while I like Mathews and expect him to be a strong contributor for some time to come, we could have used that pick elsewhere and we may very well be headed to another LT vs. Michael Turner type of decision in the future.
  • Gotta get that ball in the end zone. Period. As I pointed out before the Colts are not what they used to be, and it was apparent last night, but if we get into the postseason again the leg is not going to do it. I suspect a great deal of this problem fixes itself if Gates ever gets truly healthy, or at least healthy enough to act as anything more than a mild offensive diversion.
  • Sproles is pretty well worthless as anything other than a receiver out of the backfield at this point. His happy feet give me Ronnie Harmon flashbacks, and no, that is not a good thing. When Tolbert went out for a bit last night, our running game was effectively gone. Seriously, I'd rather see Hester carry the ball.
  • I like Collinsworth and Michaels as announcers, but it appears no one is immune to the disease known as making excuses for Manning and the Colts. And that's fine. They have injuries. They have lost good players. But let's give a little credit where credit is due. And while we're at it, why does no one ever have the guts to point out that guys like Manning and Brady fold under defensive pressure. They don't see it very often, but when they do, it's not pretty. Also, Wayne clearly flopped to try and draw a flag on the play Weddle took for a TD. I'd have thought he was Jerry Rice, but Jerry always got his flag.
  • Anybody surprised to see VJ go down with a strained calf in the 1st quarter? That is a bitter man. And honestly, it's hard to blame him from where I'm standing. You might see him change his attitude a bit, though, if a shot at the whole enchilada materializes over the next few weeks. You don't get too many shots at the ring.

The rest of the schedule looks pretty cinchy, with the possible exception of KC, of course. Oh, and Frank Gore. None of the rest of the Niners, but definitely Gore. I like our chances to do this crap again. Go Bolts!!!

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