Monday, November 15, 2010

Take That. You Filthy Bye Week!

Now go back to bye-ville where you bye-long! You just got served! Do people still say that? The "You got served" thing? Whatever. Served, bitches! Don't look now, but the Chargers haven't lost in three weeks, and with Denver murdelating the Chiefs, the mighty Bolts are practically back in the driver's seat in the AFC West. Yeah, baby! Nothing's going to bring this Chargers Nation down! Oh, I mean, unless you caught this little blurb in Peter King's column today:

"This is the best chance Los Angeles has to get a team in a long time.

Nothing's going to happen until after the owners and players get a new collective bargaining agreement, but once that happens, I expect, as I said on NBC last night, the league to get cracking on bringing one of the 32 teams to a new stadium adjacent to the Staples Center and LA Live complex in downtown Los Angeles.

All along, what's held the NFL back is either that the league didn't really want to be at the Coliseum -- and USC wasn't crazy about having the NFL there -- or the league didn't want to be in the endless 'burbs of southern California. But the backers of the new stadium, Casey Wasserman and Tim Leiweke, are well-connected guys who want to build the kind of retractable-roof events center that could be used to attract the 2022 World Cup final (or some future World Cup) and Final Fours, as well as an NFL team. Influential owners in the league are excited about the Los Angeles prospect ending a generation-long drought in the city, and these are owners who -- I can tell you with certainty -- have not been nearly as excited about any of the previous L.A. ventures.

As for the team to play there, the obvious candidates are San Diego (likely the favorite, unless a stadium gets built there, which appears increasingly unlikely) or Oakland. I'd say San Diego's more likely, but this thing has a couple of years to play out."

Okay, personally, I came to grips with the fact that the Chargers were not long for this town shortly after the loophole in the Qualcomm Stadium contract came to light nearly 10 years ago. I've spent a decade with the knowledge that this team was living on borrowed time, so items like this don't bother me. But I do love sharing them with everybody else. With the likelihood of a lock-out next year, it's starting to look like the San Diego Chargers have but a season or two to get their championship for this hometown. That's pretty good, considering they'd probably be gone already if the economy hadn't gone Chernobyl a couple of years back. So, let's get our cheering caps on full force, because this may very well be our last year. And after yesterday's utter dismantling of that pesky bye week, I suddenly like our chances. Go Bolts!!!

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