Monday, November 22, 2010

Are You Ready for This Toaster?!

So, I didn't post m,y picks for Sunday this last week, because after Thursday's stinker I was already eliminated from my pool. One and done. Just another reason to hate Thursday Night Football and the whole NFL in general.

I do, however, feel I should weigh in on tonight's game. I'm drinking the Kool-aid for now. I think we've got this game handled. I think it will be a pretty high scoring affair, and that Kyle Orton will probably put up a nifty stat line, but I think Philip Rivers & Co. end up getting the best of the Donks. And here's a couple of reasons why.

1) Some guys are getting healthy. Floyd and Naanee are back, and while Tutu and his pals from the practice squad did a fine job stepping in, this is an upgrade. Gates is questionable, but I think he plays in an important division game like this.

2) Ryan Mathews is out. Now, this is not a rip on Ryan Mathews. I think Mathews is going to be a star, but Norvelle and the Bolts have fallen into the trap of buying a little too into the running back by committee thing. And when you've got two guys carrying the load, nobody really ever gets into a rythm. You overthink things. Look at teams like Dallas and Baltimore. I've seen their goal line specialists get stuffed time after time after time, but they keep going to that well rather than just hand the ball to the best back on their team. They are now crippled with an inability to adjust their gameplan, and if they can't make adjustments, what makes anyone think Norvelle can? Ultimately, Mathews needs to be given the ball and allowed to become the player I believe he can be. Until then, however, the offense will benefit when either he or Tolbert is out.

Of course, we could lose this game if it's too wet. Or if any other unforeseen variable presents itself and shreds our mental toughness. Sorry, did that sound like I was being negative? I'm not. Honest, I'm back on the wagon full time. I may even buy this toaster. Go Bolts!!!

Broncos 28, Bolts 31

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