Monday, November 01, 2010

Mea Culpa

The season's not quite over it seems. Of course, the Chiefs and Raiders also won, so we've gained no actual ground, but at least we actually won a game against a worthy opponent. We appear to have the Titans number. Unfortunately, I have very little idea how we won, since the game was once again blacked out and I'm no fan of computer viruses. In fact, every Chargers victory thus far has been blacked out. The average fan has not seen a win this year. Unbelievable. I've heard of bad home teams. I've heard of bad road teams. I've never heard of a bad TV team.

How did we pull this one off? Well, I've heard that Norvelle gave a fiery halftime speech that rallied the troups to victory. The media would have you believe it went something like this.

Yeah, sure. I think it probably went a little bit more like this.

But hey, they won, and the local media is desperate to give some credit to Norv and appease their fearless six-gun toting leader, AJ. The truth is, the Bolts still have firepower. They can score a dangerous amount of points when the offense is clicking. They will always be a threat to win in a shootout. But they are not consistent in that regard and are deficient in every other phase of the game (Seriously, another blocked punt?), so I'll enjoy the win, but I'm still not convinced. The power of negative thinking!

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