Thursday, November 04, 2010

Quick Thought on Sunday's Game

At some point I may get into analyzing the Bolts' upcoming games in a little more detail, but right now I want to make one quick observation about the match-up with the terribly named Houston Texans.

Everybody is pretty enamored with the Chargers and especially the offensive passing game. It has been widely noted that Rivers is on pace to topple Dan Marino's single season yardage record. Rivers was also just voted AFC player of the month for October. Conversely, the Houston Texans are not only the worst passing defense in the league so far this season, they are apparently the 5th worst passing defense in the history of the NFL through this portion of the season. Because of these noted realities, everybody in the sporting world rightly has Phillip Rivers and the San Diego passing attack penciled in for something along the lines of 500 yards and 5 TDs on Sunday. Anything less would be an utter disappointment.

Here's where I burst your bubble, Chargers fans. I know Norv Turner now. I understand how his mind works and it's terrifying. You see, Norv Turner is a proud member of the "They'll never see this coming" school of football coaching. Mark my words, this will be the week that Norv stubbornly tries to force the running game to kick into high gear. Rivers will end up getting a ton of yards and some TDs, but most of it will come in the 4th quarter as the Chargers desperately take to the air to overcome the horrible playcalling and awful special teams play that will have put them at a 14 to 20 point deficit. Will they snatch victory from the jaws of defeat or will they fall predictably short yet again? Tune in for my picks tomorrow to find out what I think will happen if you can't already figure it out on your own.

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