Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sorry, Chargers Fans

This deal with AEG in L.A. is happeneing. It may seem like the beginning, but it will in fact be the final straw for the San Diego Chargers. It's no wonder if you are taken by surprise by this. I mean, look at the way the news is reported in this town. Look at this headline, then read the article and tell me where it says the team denies anything. Nowhere. This team and it's newspaper have no respect for the passion or intelligence of the Chargers fans in San Diego. Heck, they may even be justified in underestimating us, but what chance do we have when the organization has never once been straight with us and has ordered it's lackeys at the local paper to spin the truth at every turn? I'm sorry if this kind of thing ruins your day; I just thought you all should know. Let's just try and enjoy the season at hand.

Update: Here's another article from the UT. The reporter opens by saying that rumors the Chargers were selling a controlling share of the team were batted down by a Chargers spokesman. No one who's been paying attention believes the Spanos family would ever do this! But the team and the UT would have you believe this is some sort of blow against those of us who believe the team will leave. This is more spin and misdirection by the UT on behalf of the Chargers. Nowhere in this article does the reporter ever try to refute the original claims that the Chargers will give up somewhere in the neighborhood of 35% of the team, which is all the convincing I'd need that the team intends to move. Not that I needed convincing.

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