Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wednesday Nights are the Worst

I'm actually watching basketball. Early season basketball. On purpose!

Alright, a couple of things happened today. First, the Chargers obviously did not put a waiver claim on Randy Moss, because he is now a Titan. Of course, we all knew AJ wouldn't do it, but man I was looking forward to whatever that would have done to the Bolts. How often do you get a chance to experience' awesome if it works/awesome if it fails?' We'll never know, but the truth is, AJ was probably right on this one. Randy Moss obviously had zero respect for Chilly, and Chilly is Norvelle's NFC mirror image. Except-dear God-Chilly actually commands more power than Norv. Oh man, it would have been murder. I hate that I'm not going to get to see that. Moss will probably thrive under a coach like Jeff Fisher. It's a good thing this debacle didn't go down last week or Moss would have been our problem. That it happened this week only proves that God is paying me back for calling my fantasy team a juggernaut in week 4.

Secondly, Shawne Merriman was picked up off waivers by Buffalo, which was the very first team that had a shot at him. As I'm sure I've mentioned here before, I have some sort of weird, unnatural affection for those Bills. I think it stems from the four straight years I spent rooting for the Bills to end the NFC's dominance in the Superbowl. Four years is longer than any relationship I've ever had. Maybe I will always love them even if it didn't work out. Or maybe I like Buffalo because the rest of New York couldn't give a shit about them, and it seems to make sense that I should feel the opposite. Anyway, this is probably not so great for Merriman. It's weird that an 0-7 team is combing the waiver wire, but I guess it's just too hard to pass on a guy like that. Sure, the media thinks Merriman is washed up-it's hard to blame them because the numbers support that theory-but every Coach and GM in the league is looking at Merrimanimal and then they're looking at LaDainian. And then they're looking at Antonio Cromartie. And to some extent they're looking at Drew Brees and Michael Turner and they're asking themselves if the Chargers are any judge of talent or how to utilize players to maximize their strengths. I have no doubt we will see the resurgence of Shawne Merriman. Buffalo might not be the ideal stage, however.


CJ said...

I should read your posts before I post. I think Aristotle said that.

Maximum Colossus said...

Yeah, Aristotle said that. But Plato said it first.