Monday, November 01, 2010

Randy Moss Waived

So after three games in Minnesota and one press conference where Moss basically fellated the entire Patriots organization the Vikings have essentially fired him to death. Of course, in doing so they have at the very least thrown away a 3rd round draft pick and may also end up on the hook for the remaining $3.8 million of Moss' contract if no other team claims him. A couple of questions:

Will Favre be far behind?

This is either one more huge testament to Childress' complete break down as a leader and the Vikings organizational idiocy or it is time to slash dollars and rebuild. I have no idea if the Vikings can save themselves any money by cutting Favre and moving on, but at this point nothing would surprise me.

Will the Chargers take a shot?

On the surface, it seems unlikely, but it makes some sense. Moss is a drama queen and not the sort of player that seems to fit AJ's mold. Basically, he talks to the media and that's bad. But the Bolts have been decimated at receiver throughout the season and Moss would no doubt make an impact here. AJ could always excuse himself from breaking character by pointing out what a smart Greg Myersish move it would be to pick up Moss if only to keep him out of the hands of our divisional rivals, with the added bonus that Moss won't cost us eleventy billion dollars to retain. Also, Moss would instantly translate into ticket sales.

Personally, I would love to see Moss come to San Diego. Either he bumps up production and helps us get our competetive footing back or he absolutely explodes the clubhouse and turns up the heat on Turner and AJ to nuclear levels. Who wouldn't want either of those things. Let's do this, Gunslinger. Oh wait, I mean don't even think about it, AJ! Reverse psychology does not ever not fail sometimes.

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