Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Already?

I could do with three or four more work days! Just kidding, one more work day and I'd be begging you to put me out of my misery with a volley of flaming hot AIDS nails. Too insensitive? Too bad.

First off, I want to thank my cohort for sacrificing his brain to that AJ Smith interview the other day. That must have been terrible. I mean, how much smug is too much? I guess they could have threeway called in Acee to really ratchet it up. Anyway, I couldn't have taken it, so way to go, CJ.

I don't have much to talk about, but there are two things I'd like to weigh in on:

1) Shawne Merriman strained his leg in his very first practice with the Bills. Local San Diego fans are saying he's done. Because they are all doctors. Look, Merriman may very well be the malcontent the local media makes him out to be. He may have fake injuried his way out of San Diego. Hell, he may be trying to fake injury his way out of Buffalo (Wouldn't you? Seriously, an 0-7 team putting in a waiver claim? Was Buddy Nix paying a debt on that one?). Or he may just be injury prone. Whatever the case, the guy is still relatively young, and a minor leg strain is not likely to be the straw that breaks his career. San Diego fans pretty firmly either love AJ Smith's no nonsense bullshit or they hate it. This sounds like the former group trying desperately to grasp at any straw that makes AJ look like a genius.

2) Speaking of genius moves by AJ, people can't shut up about Seyi Ajiratoutou(Fucking really?) around here. I imagine people are jazzed to give credit to AJ for finding the rookie phenom. But is he a phenom? Or is he Jyles Tucker in Wide Receivers clothing? Remember when Jyles Tucker got a big, fat contract after lighting it up against a woeful Raiders Offense? Well, don't look now, but Tutu lit up the 5th worst passing D in NFL history with arguably the best QB in the NFL right now throwing him the ball. Now everybody is freaking out about what to do with him. If we put him back on the practice squad, anybody can pick him up. Well, I'm sorry but I'd like to see more of the kid before I go pushing Patrick Crayton or anybody else out the door. Frankly, I think they should deactivate VJ and let him move on. How much is the guy going to give for this team over the last six games when everybody knows his future fortune lies elsewhere? But if you want to know what I think will happen, don't be surprised to see Malcolm Floyd or Legedu Naanee put on IR pretty soon. Just seems like the knee jerk kind of thing we'd pull right when things are starting to turn around.

Anyway, I got the Bolts to mess up the bye this week and I'll try to get my picks out here sometime today or tomorrow, if you care. Happy football, everybody!

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