Wednesday, November 03, 2010

So What Happens

The Titans game was a win, make no mistake about it. We'll touch on that in a moment but the real story is Merriman is a a Bill. A Buffalo Bill. The way I see it, A.J. is a communist that deploys his former troops to Siberia. Good luck Shawne, I'm sure you'll enjoy your six weeks in Buffalo with a sore ankle that forces you to cheer more than you play prior to signing your multimillion deal with the Jets or Broncos. We will miss you.

For those of you who guiltlessly pirated the game last week we were the first to enjoy a home victory on television although it was the mexican feed. And well, there's a lesson t be learned from the mexican feed because every commercial features hot 'newscasters' in bikinis. Yeah, that's a bad business model.

Bottom line was we were lucky to win that game. Yeah, yeah, pessimist me. Kenny Britt dropped a sure fire touchdown and that offense abused us with the pass when they wanted to. Someone was kind enough to point out to me that we k.o.ed Vince Young from the game so now I suppose we'll take credit for self inflicted injuries.

Bottom line, that game was a win, which at that point was nice, but a blocked punt and poor pass defense were the cogs that put us behind the firing squad that thankfully Antonio Gates is immune to. The man is bulletproof. Many, many plays were given up in the secondary. Coaching will dictate whether or not we're prepared for the Schaub show. Let's hope so because the division is won or lost this week. The weinie division that is...

Go Bolting.

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