Friday, November 05, 2004

What? You thought I'd go away???

So you stole my title with your close you starfish chugging monster. Stupid Blog site sucks for an hour and my post sits in limbo. So....

And so here we are. Here we are at five good ones and three bad ones (admittedly, two of those three weren’t that bad) one week away from vacation. One more big one before said vacation on the home patch of grass, and unless you plan to brave the torrential downpours that San Diego’s finest Doppler 382,967 is predicting, you aren’t going to see the ol’ ballgame this Sunday afternoon. No tele for you. Primarily due to the fact that 9,500 of you decided to skip yet another game for the comforts of your couches and the musical stylings of the Sister Simpson’s on MTV. Shame on all of you. My cohort in all of this and I will be near the A3 signs in the parking trap, grilling up soggy venison and holding the one and oh foam finger high. The other finger is for the Southerners on the visitors’ bench.

And now what will be the weekly installment of the Quick Hits.

Ready, Go!

1) The Bead Hoarders want Skip to throw the ball. Okay, so we’ll throw it on the 31st ranked defense in the league. I am guessing we might run it a bit, and a bit more also, but since we know their game plan, Prop Bet #1: Inches of rain at the Murph, or six point passes by the Skip. I’ll take the rain, only because I want the Southerners to pay equally in passing and running scores. Two for the Skip. Then two for the tailbacks, for a total of four, and then a quarter brick (that’s six) from Mr. Kaeding. Let’s go two and a half for the rain!

2) Prop Bet #2: Over/Under on the number of soggy brown bagged heads of Southerners fans we see. This one is tough, so I am setting it at 13. No thought process went into that one at all. That being said I will take the over. Any takers?

3) Does anyone know the number of arrests last weekend at the annual beating of the Raiders? I missed a total. Will we score more points this weekend (34 is my number) than arrests last weekend. That’s probably not even close is it…

4) Soggy field equals soggy hands equals turnovers. Battle plan is to win this one. He who hangs on to the sloppy pig wins. No I’ m not talking about last call at the watering hole, I am talking ‘bout the football. I nearly forgot about this one, but we had better hang on to the damned ball or we could be in for a long day. Like how my confidence wanes from sentence to sentence? Yeah!!

5) Cold, Wet, Day. Prop Bet Numero Tres: Dollars spent on beverages of the adult nature versus Total Points combined by both squads. Let’s see, $7.75 times x equals…, carry the two…, add the seven… and, okay, I will take the money.

6) Lastly, will there be “Victory Shots”?

Sunday afternoon. A3. Full of coolers, food, warm clothes and one big foam finger. Everyone is invited…

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