Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Part II...

After much consideration, here is the rest of my take on the “State of the N.F.L.”:
The Have No Idea What Will Happen Teams:
The Gints, Overachieving running back, ancient quarterback that gets sacked with a finger that looks like a telephone cord. Bring in the Little Brother and let’s experiment.

Bucs, New quarterback at the helm that rivals Aaron Brooks for the worst throws in N.F.L. history. Patchwork team, playing okay right now, but they still are in this category.

Jacksonville, If Bryon was healthy they may move up. But his knees are “fragile” (must be Italian) and who knows what this backup clone of his can actually do.

J.E.T.S, with Pennington they can move up considerably. With a blow addict at the helm, well, appropriate category. Curtis Martin is still playing out of his mind after ten years.

Minnesota, similar to the Jets, in that with no Moss they are depleted. Struggled against Detroit. Culpepper is much improved with his best receiver out there.

The How Do They Win So Many Games Teams:
Ravens, good “D”, shaky quarterback. Winning games due to M.V.P. Ed Reed. Ray Ray always good for some antics.

Seahawks, they could fit into any category I have developed here. They are head cases due to their Rams fiascos. Their receiving corps is also very special. Aged Hall of Famer, and guys who have pot fetishes and drop footballs.

The We Think They Are Good Teams Teams:
hard to doubt Brett Favre. But there is still that 48-10 debacle at home to Tennessee. Too tough to get on their wagon with anything but reputation.

Falcons, No doubt they are winning games. Not impressively, and no real serious competition yet. But their record and their “Quartering Back” keeps them here for now.

Ponies from Kobeland, a top their division. Skeptical about their running back. And for that matter their very over rated Quarterback. Definitely don’t give off the odor of invincibility, but first place is first place.

Our Bolts, the next three games will tell the story for us. We almost don’t even need to say anymore.

The Good (read: favorites):
The Iggles, playing well. Quarterback can be amazing, can also be indecisive and sketchy. Me-O is Me-O, someone needs to cover him. Defense is their weakness and I think can be exploited.

Pittsburgh, riding momentum. Should be derailed soon. Young Impressive Quarterback. Overachieving older running back. Excellent defense. Have that "team" thing working like a few others. I think they fit pretty nicely here at #3.

Indy, potent offense, that’s for sure. Quarterback is very full of himself but has performed thus far. Defense once again can be exploited. Something seems like it is missing here to me… maybe a year away. Maybe this year. Maybe never…

New England, fresh off a big win on Monday. Very composed quarterback. Almost seems numb out on the field. Strong “team” atmosphere leads to the ownership of lesser foes in the past (read: Colts). Umm, defending champs? This is going to be an interesting post season. Again.

That’s my list. I feel pretty good about it. I am sure there will be much disagreement with my assessments. But I like the way it has settled out. Any thoughts?

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