Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I Like A Trick Play Now And Then

Wow, apparently some people were none too impressed by Sundays victory. Truthfully, I can't blame people for being less than thrilled with the overall performance. It was sad, sorry, basically incomplete. But there are a few things obviously to take heart in. "Brilliance" is looking less groinally challenged, eh? "First Down!" continues to make some plays, huh? These are givens, though. I saw something that may have eluded some folks. I wasn't positive I was correct until I looked it up (That's right, people, research!), but it seems as though some of my brain cells have not given up on me. So let me set the stage.

Two years ago, a kid named Brees and his high school all-star game running back, had the San Diego Chargers out to a 6-1 start. The best start this team had achieved since it went to that game that people are always acting like it would be a good idea to go to. The Super Challenge Fighting Match-up or something like that. Now a lot of observers of this blog might say 6-1, 7 games, is a weird cut off point. Not quite halway through the season. Why would 6-1 be relevent? What happened the next week? Did we reach the halfway point in style? Well, the answer is nyet. Nyet! Nyet! Nyet! We entered the bye. We entered the stinking bye on a roll. We were impressive. We were then much like we were before going into this bye. And then we dropped the biggest stinker I can remember to a Jets team that was something like 2-4. They destroyed us. We were exposed. We couldn't scrap, and we couldn't overcome adversity. That year the Jets turned their season around on that one game and made the postseason. We were never the same. 8-8, no more games. You all know.

So we can all sit around and bitch and moan that we didn't slaughter the Raiders like we all know we should have. We can lament that we tried to give away the game and they just didn't want it. But yours truly here will take the win. I've seen what this team can do this year. More often now than I've seen the other, and I take heart in the fact that we can suck it up and drop a 20 yard rainbow off the back foot into the arms of our best midseason pick-up ever, when we have no other choice. Go Bolts!

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