Monday, November 01, 2004

I was a bad fan...

San Diego Chargers: 42 Oakland Raiders: 14

Complete, Total Domination. Annihilation. Decimation. Destruction. Massive, Ulcer Inducing Beating, Prison Style. I have run the thesaurus dry. The Chargers actions on Sunday spoke at volumes that cannot be reached by the written word, cue to me to shut up.

On that note there is something that I have needed to do for some number of weeks now. I have managed to avoid this moment for many reasons and finally I have had to choke down the turd covered, turd pellets and finally come clean with this team.

I am sorry Drew Brees.
I was wrong. I am sorry.

I was a naysayer and a bad fan.
I am sorry and I apologize.
Read that again. And then again.
(Most of you can’t possibly realize how tough that was)

I will not be hyper critical of your performance any longer. You are a good quarterback. You have been displaying that all season long. Yesterday’s performance just solidified your status in San Diego. I hope that things have not been soured so badly that like me, most people can realize before it is too late that you should be our quarterback and you deserve better treatment in this town. I will quietly sit and watch you play and say I am proud to have you leading our team.

I was wrong.

I am glad that I was.

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