Friday, November 19, 2004

If I must...

Okay, I can do this. Got to make up for a lack of content and all, as I’m still trying to find a creative and lengthy way to tell all of you that one of our beloved Chargers will walk away scott free at the end of the season. I’m not saying who. Anyway, here goes.

1) 38? Our boys should cover that by themselves. However, I would not put it beyond crew of the Jolly Roger to find a way to score in the negative integers. Still, I have to go with the over on this one.

2) I’ve got to say, this makes no sense to me. I mean, I was starting to gain a lot of respect for Coughlin, but switching to a rookie quarterback, while you’re in contention in the lousy NFC is just plain stupid. Sounds to me like the ownership has a case of Roethlisbergeritis. They say they feel that Manning’s slightly better mobility should help to offset the inadequacy of the Giants O-line, but let’s face it, nobody’s that fast. And while we’re on the subject of Manning’s I hate, brother Payton best be sure not to taunt the fates too harshly. Pass, pass, pass, pass in the fourth, up by four touchdowns? If indeed there be football Gods, surely they must frown upon the chasing of records.

3) Sad as I am to say it, I don’t see Cincy as the train derailing type this year. The Steelers are on a roll, and are fully deserving of their opportunity to be offed once again in the playoffs by none other than our resplendent Men of Bolt.

4) This one is easy. ALL of them. So, the over, I suppose.

5) As with all the pony shows so far this year, as goes Jake Plummer, so goes Denver. Saints pull this off and I’m buying some sort of Saints related item. Maybe a brown bag or something?

6) I’m a little worried about “He Who Shines Brilliant Like The Sun.” Reports are that the groin is still an issue. Could this be a misdirection move by the Schott? I can just see him with a maniacal grin while twisting the ends of a handlebar mustache. Man, that’s a good look on you Marty. I’ll second your motion, buddy.

Is that all? I was really starting to have fun with this. Anyway, scoreboard reads, Chargers: A Whole Bunch, Raiders: Much, Much Less. Everybody likes to see the Raiders lose, and that, my friends, is why they really play the game. Go Bolts!

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