Friday, November 05, 2004

Analysis? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Analysis!

Hmm. I am really enjoying this. Wonderfully heated discussions with people about my team. My take, we rule. Their take, we suck. The team sucks, the fans suck, and the fans’ mothers suck. These are people who live in San Diego, mind you. Transplants, to be sure, but living here nonetheless. So I must delve deeper. Upon prodding I am often given the reason for hating the new “hometown” team. We, the fans, are too supportive of our sucky team. The media is not negative enough about the crappy Chargers. This, apparently is grounds for hating the team that plays in the town that was gracious enough to accommodate you East Coast Douche bags for a summer or two. I am uninformed as to the workings of football fandom. Now, true, I am quick to point out the shortcomings of my team, which would seem to absolve me. However, as anybody who is paying attention could attest to the fact that by kickoff I have pretty much convinced myself of certain Charger victory (This will be Leaf’s breakout game, I just know it!). Now Philly hates the Chargers. My cohort and I cheered vehemently when the Chargers looked poised to take Atlanta down a peg, and our buddy, who swears he’s come around to actually liking the Chargers, instantly becomes Falcon super fan extraordinaire. I guess the Falcons fans and media hate their team sufficiently. Now St. Louis hates us. Last week I called the Oakland A-bomb. Oakland has always hated us, but now New York does too for some reason. So how about this week? Tsch. It’s ridiculous to call predictions or talk about the players. It comes down to one simple fact. New Orleans is our puppet. There, that should take care of just about everyone else. Screw you, other New York!

San Diego, we can’t drive in rain and we support our teams. God, I don’t even like us.

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