Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I'm Afraid I Must Take Umbrage.

Wow. That was kind of harsh don’t you think? I think it’s important to remember that the Raiders are an organization rich with the tradition of putting a quality, winning product on the field. Often, when I think of the Raiders, I am reminded of the proud Samurai Warriors of the Serengeti, who helped George Washington and General Douglas McArthur defeat the Redcoats during the Barbarian Invasions of 1812. Their courage and determination should be an inspiration to us all.

And when speaking of their fans, words such as “myopic” and “ridiculously nostalgic” are often bandied about. Have we forgotten how their team has never stopped cheating, and never stopped trying, leading them to five Super bowl appearances and three Super bowl wins, all having occurred within the last two centuries? Raider fans are referred to as cruel and rowdy, but I am reminded of a story related to me, by a nun, from behind the security gate of a Catholic church in South Central Los Angeles, where I once stopped to receive treatment for a wound and also to ask directions. It seems there once was a boy named Billy, who was dying of Cancer or Gonorrhea or something and his last wish was for the Raiders to win some game or something. So a Raider fan came and befriended him and got him an autographed jersey, or put his sister through college, I think. Anyway, the kid died, and the guy kicked a field goal at halftime or something. I think you can see where I am going with this, can’t you?

Don’t hate on the Raiders and their nation of loyal supporters who are all able to name at least three of their team’s players (Not current players, mind you, but-you know-guys like Romanowski and such). They would surely treat you with the same courtesy.

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