Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Sacks...

Oh, Big forgetful on this one. There was a day long poll at the ball field this past Sunday. It was for research for the Friday Prop Bet #2, the over/under on the bagged heads of ‘Aints fans. I set the line at 13 originally, then upon thinking during pre-game festivities that it was a bit high and probably should come down a bit. By game time I was still craning my neck hoping at this point to catch just one glimpse of the elusive ‘Aints bagged head. To my utter disappointment, there were no bagged heads. Zero, none. So, I set out to get an explanation in my oh so tactful manner.

To one and all adorned in Saints gear I started to ask questions. Not the usual lineup you might expect. “Why is your team bad?”, “Do you miss Ricky Williams now that he is an honorary Marley?”, “Is your coach going to ever be fired, or do they drink so much in New Orleans they forgot you even had a team?” No, my line of questioning goes a bit more like this:

“HEY!!! WHERE’S YOUR BAG???!!???”

The most popular response was laughter, followed by the obligatory, “It’s not like that anymore.” To which I kindly responded with, “Oh really? Well what is it like then? Is it better?” followed generally with,


So, I have to commend the Saints fans for laughing and gaming along with my taunts of covered heads and horrible football teams as we pummeled them by touchdown after touchdown, but I was rather disappointed that there was not one brown bagged head in the whole stadium. I mean tradition is tradition folks, get out your brown bags and support your franchise for the pleasure of all the rest of us…

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